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Selecting a Generator

22 July 2022

Generator model selection is determined by your needs therefore its important when making your selection of a generator that you need to run through a short checklist of what your generator requirements are in order to arrive at a suitable decision for your generator purchase.

Mainsu’s team of generator specialists are ready to help you through the process of selecting a generator that would best suit your requirements no matter which industry: construction, agriculture, hospitality, mining, commercial or resident estates.

Included in your generator selection checklist you need to consider the following: For what purpose will your generator be used? e.g: emergency standby power, Prime Power, Continuous Power or Limited-time running power.

Do you require a petrol generator, diesel generator or gas generator, each offering their own specific benefits? What model will best suit your needs? A Kipor silent, petrol inverter generator with 2,6kVA, 230V for leisure purposes or a Bundu Power SDEC Silent Diesel Generator Set, with 426kVA, 380V, typically used in the mining industry. Will your generator be placed in a fixed position or do you require a mobile generator that can be moved to a different location? Do you require weather protection for your generator? We do offer options for generator protection against the elements. Are you looking for a single phase generator or a three phase generator? Have you considered the generator dimensions that you require versus the space you have

These are just a small selection of questions to consider before taking a step to buying a generator that would be best suit your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact Mainsu’s generator specialists for assistance in your generator selection process.

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