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Generator Brands We Support And Sell

2 August 2022

Mainsu are proud to be distributors of a variety of brand name generators and accompanying accessories, all easily obtainable through our specialist generator sales team based at our head office in Boschkop Pretoria.

The company services clients in the greater Pretoria region, from as far a field as Hartebeespoort through to Silverlakes Estate. Customers searching for a particular brand generator or aftermarket service, sales and support for large generators need look no further than Mainsu, from start to finish, we deliver. If you are searching for a generator supplier in Limpopo, “generators North West” or “generators Mpumalanga”, you’ll be happy to know that these are the regions that we as a top-notch generator supplier service with numerous well-known brand generators.

Don’t search for a generator supplier, in all the wrong places, one who will not be able to follow up with backup generator service and support, as they are too far from your location to ensure a quick turnaround time rather, look up Mainsu, we are in your region, the greater Pretoria area, supplying a comprehensive list of OEM generators.

The brands speak for themselves and each brand of generator has a unique fit within the industry they target. Our Mainsu team are able to help you make the right brand choice of generator, depending on your specific generator needs.

The generator brands we support, and sell are: Bundu, Cummins, Gentech, Honda, Kipor, Talon and other custom build generators (eg Volvo, Deutz, John Deere, etc.)

Get hold of our team at Mainsu today and they will be able to advise you on the features and benefits of each generator brand.

The different generator brands offer unique propositions suitable for a variety of Commercial, Industrial or Residential requirements. Gentech and Talon generators are vey popular on construction sites while the ultra silent generator type from Kipor are market leaders in genrators for residences. Bundu generator sets are exceptionally affordable generators coupled with superb fuel economy and are powered by FAW engines and the industrial Cummins generators and custom build generators offers unmatched reliability and robustness.

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