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12 May 2023

Kipor was an international company recognized in over 150 countries worldwide. Their generators were known specifically for their "Ultra Silent" series, which provided reliable power with minimum noise. Unfortunately, the Kipor factory shut down a few years ago.

Mainsu has been a dealer and service centre since 2016 for Kipor products, providing service parts and AVR units for most models. However, some Kipor OEM parts have been discontinued, such as gasket sets, starter motors, water pumps, cooling systems, controllers, and others.

If you're experiencing issues with your Kipor generator's alternator or any mechanical components, we unfortunately cannot provide any assistance. However, if the issue is related to a controller or an AVR or the Kipor is due for a service, we can be of service. Our expertise in this area allows us to diagnose and solve problems related to your machine. Feel free to contact us if you require any after market services.

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