Kipor was an international company recognized in over 150 countries worldwide. Their generators were known specifically for their "Ultra Silent" series, which provided reliable power with minimum noise. Unfortunately, the Kipor factory shut down a few years ago.

Mainsu has been a dealer and service centre since 2016 for Kipor products, providing service parts and AVR units for most models. However, some Kipor OEM parts have been discontinued, such as gasket sets, starter motors, water pumps, cooling systems, controllers, and others.

If you're experiencing issues with your Kipor generator's alternator or any mechanical components, we unfortunately cannot provide any assistance. However, if the issue is related to a controller or an AVR or the Kipor is due for a service, we can be of service. Our expertise in this area allows us to diagnose and solve problems related to your machine. Feel free to contact us if you require any after market services.

Generator Brands We Support And Sell

Mainsu are proud to be distributors of a variety of brand name generators and accompanying accessories, all easily obtainable through our specialist generator sales team based at our head office in Boschkop Pretoria.

The company services clients in the greater Pretoria region, from as far a field as Hartebeespoort through to Silverlakes Estate. Customers searching for a particular brand generator or aftermarket service, sales and support for large generators need look no further than Mainsu, from start to finish, we deliver. If you are searching for a generator supplier in Limpopo, “generators North West” or “generators Mpumalanga”, you’ll be happy to know that these are the regions that we as a top-notch generator supplier service with numerous well-known brand generators.

Don’t search for a generator supplier, in all the wrong places, one who will not be able to follow up with backup generator service and support, as they are too far from your location to ensure a quick turnaround time rather, look up Mainsu, we are in your region, the greater Pretoria area, supplying a comprehensive list of OEM generators.

The brands speak for themselves and each brand of generator has a unique fit within the industry they target. Our Mainsu team are able to help you make the right brand choice of generator, depending on your specific generator needs.

The generator brands we support, and sell are: Bundu, Cummins, Gentech, Honda, Kipor, Talon and other custom build generators (eg Volvo, Deutz, John Deere, etc.)

Get hold of our team at Mainsu today and they will be able to advise you on the features and benefits of each generator brand.

The different generator brands offer unique propositions suitable for a variety of Commercial, Industrial or Residential requirements. Gentech and Talon generators are vey popular on construction sites while the ultra silent generator type from Kipor are market leaders in genrators for residences. Bundu generator sets are exceptionally affordable generators coupled with superb fuel economy and are powered by FAW engines and the industrial Cummins generators and custom build generators offers unmatched reliability and robustness.

Selecting a Generator

Generator model selection is determined by your needs therefore its important when making your selection of a generator that you need to run through a short checklist of what your generator requirements are in order to arrive at a suitable decision for your generator purchase.

Mainsu’s team of generator specialists are ready to help you through the process of selecting a generator that would best suit your requirements no matter which industry: construction, agriculture, hospitality, mining, commercial or resident estates.

Included in your generator selection checklist you need to consider the following: For what purpose will your generator be used? e.g: emergency standby power, Prime Power, Continuous Power or Limited-time running power.

Do you require a petrol generator, diesel generator or gas generator, each offering their own specific benefits? What model will best suit your needs? A Kipor silent, petrol inverter generator with 2,6kVA, 230V for leisure purposes or a Bundu Power SDEC Silent Diesel Generator Set, with 426kVA, 380V, typically used in the mining industry. Will your generator be placed in a fixed position or do you require a mobile generator that can be moved to a different location? Do you require weather protection for your generator? We do offer options for generator protection against the elements. Are you looking for a single phase generator or a three phase generator? Have you considered the generator dimensions that you require versus the space you have

These are just a small selection of questions to consider before taking a step to buying a generator that would be best suit your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact Mainsu’s generator specialists for assistance in your generator selection process.